Akkamma Ravi   Associate Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology

IRB approved research projects -


1. Industry initiated and funded -A Multi-Site Prospective, Non-randomized study utilizing the Contura Multilumen Balloon (MLB) Breast Brachytherapy Applicator to deliver Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Analysis of Dosimetric Success, local tumor control, cosmetic outcome, acute and chronic toxicity , and clinical scenarios for optimal use. (Principal Investigator- Akkamma Ravi, MD ) IRB #- Industry initiated- (SENORX) (S07- 002) (2010)

2.   DUCTAL CARCINOMA in young women aged 40 and under: Clinicopathological factors and treatment. ((Principal Investigator, Akkamma Ravi, MD)

3.  Treatment Outcomes and Prognostic implications for basal and non- basal like triple negative breast cancer in Younger women (Principal Investigator, Akkamma Ravi, MD) # IRB – 6350309 ( 2009)

4. Prognostic Factors and treatment Outcomes in Non- metastatic Uterine Sarcomas. (Principal Investigator- Akkamma Ravi,MD) IRB # 6700909. (2009)

5.  Breast Cancer and anxiolytic effects of Reiki during Radiation Therapy- (Principal Investigator, Akkamma Ravi,MD) # IRB – 6530609 (2009)

6.  Treatment patterns and Outcomes of elderly breast cancer patient’s age 75 and older. (Principal Investigator- Akkamma Ravi, MD) IRB# 3890404 (2006)

7.  Departmental, Internal Prospective Protocol for Partial breast Radiation Therapy for treatment of female breast cancer patients via Mammosite. (Principal Investigator, Akkamma Ravi,MD) since march 2003.) # IRB - (2010



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