Carla Boutin   Associate Dean (Diversity)

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Dr. Boutin-Foster’s research activities focus on identifying the psychological and social determinants of health outcomes in patients with cardiovascular disease and on the social epidemiology of health disparities in cardiovascular disease. She is the Nanette Laitman Clinical Scholar in Public Health and Community Health. Her previous funding includes a grant from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to identify attributes in the doctor-patient relationship that are most associated with health behavior modification in patients with coronary artery disease. She was the recipient of the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study the role of social support in outcomes of patients with coronary artery disease. Currently, she has a KO1 from the NHLBI to evaluate the impact of depressive symptoms, social support, and stress on health behavior modification in Latino patients with coronary artery disease. She is also co-investigator on an NHLBI program project to that test the impact of a culturally-tailored educational program on medication adherence in African-Americans with hypertension. Her research also focuses on partnering with community-based organizations and faith-based organizations in conducting community-based participatory research in an effort to address health disparities in cardiovascular disease.


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