Daniel Stein   Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences

Daniel Stein is a physician and clinical informatician.  He is Associate Medical Director of Informatics at the Weill Cornell Physician Organization, where he helps manage the ambulatory EHR.  He is also Assistant Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research at Weill Cornell Medical College where he is involved in teaching and conducting informatics research. Dr. Stein’s research interests in clinical communication, collaboration, and care coordination have motivated his studies of how EHRs can be used to support patient handoff and the cooperative management of clinical tasks across care transitions.  Complimentary interests in the “quantified self,” mobile, social, and other emergent technologies have motivated his work in pioneering methods to measure and positively impact communication, decision-making, and behavior of both clinicians and patients.


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  • Daniel Stein

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  • dms7004@med.cornell.edu