Jason Baker   Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

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July 2006 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY: The role of CD8-mediated cellular immunity in the pathogenesis of Type I Diabetes. NIH, JDRF, AECOM, PI: Dr. Teresa DiLorenzo. Sept 2003 Columbia University, NY NY: Analysis of genetic markers predicting response of newly-diagnosed Type I diabetes to anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody. Columbia University, PI: Dr. Kevin Herold. April 2002 Kumasi, Ghana: International Telemedicine. Emory University, PI: Dr. Kenneth Walker. July 2000 Tbilisi, Repulbic of Georgia: HIV and HCV sero-prevalence in known TB patients. Presented at the American Federation of Research Forum, New Orleans. Analysis of Buccal Smears for the Asian haplotype of mitochondrial DNA in native Caucasians living in the Republic of Georgia. Emory University, PI: Drs. Henry Blumberg and Carlos Del Rio. March 1998 Georgia Mental Health Institute, Atlanta, GA: Novel isolation techniques for legionella. Emory University, PI: Dr. Robert Benson. March 1998 Georgia Mental Health Institute, Atlanta, GA: Dopamine pathways involved in the etiology of Major Depression. Emory University, PI: Dr. Jay Weiss.


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