Michael Rubin   Chief, Neuromuscular Disorders

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Clinical trials in HIV neuropathy include:

Nerve Growth Factor vs. Placebo for AIDS sensory neuropathy

Distal neuropathy in advanced HIV and prior antiretroviral Rx

Prosaptide for painful HIV neuropathy

Capsaicin for HIV neuropathy

Open-label dose-escalation study of acetyl-carnitine for dideoxynucleoside-associated distal symmetric polyneuropathy

Pregabalin double-blind, placebo controlled trial for HIV neuropathy

Clinical trials in diabetic neuropathy include:

NGF vs. placebo for diabetic neuropathy (Phase III)

NGF open label for diabetic neuropathy Phase II

NGF extension for diabetic neuropathy Phase III

Thioctic acid IV for symptomatic diabetic neuropathy (NATHAN I)

Thioctic acid orally for diabetic neuropathy (NATHAN II)

Oral duloxetine for symptomatic diabetic neuropathy


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