[Microbial metabolites in the large intestinal sections of swine fed rations rich in crude fiber]. Academic Article uri icon



  • 3 x 4 fattening pigs receiving 4.7% (control), 13.5% (sugar beet pulp) or 17.0% CF (green meal) in the diet, were slaughtered and investigations of pH-values, % DM, VFA- and NH3-concentrations were made in 4 sections of the hindgut. Between caecum and 2nd/3rd colon-section all dates were significantly different. Among all values % DM (r = 0.91) and NH3 (r = 0.68) were positively, but VFA negatively correlated (r = -0.76) with pH-value. Values of pH reached 6 only in the second half of the colon. Most marked fermentations, lowest variations and significant differences occurred not in the caecum but in the first third of colon. Therefore the proximal colon is proposed as a suitable site for investigations.

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  • January 1, 1990



  • Bacteria
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