Xpert human papillomavirus test is a promising cervical cancer screening test for HIV-seropositive women. Academic Article uri icon



  • This study investigated the performance of Cepheid Xpert human papillomavirus (HPV) assay in South African human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected women and compared its performance with that of hybrid capture-2 (hc2). METHODS: Stored cervical specimens from HIV-infected women that had previously been tested using hc2 were tested using Xpert. RESULTS: The overall HR-HPV prevalence was found to be 62.0% (720/1161) by Xpert and 61.2% (711/1161) by hc2. 13.6% (158/1161) were HPV16 positive, 18.8% (218/1161) were HPV18/45, 37.3% (434/1161) were HPV31/33/35/52/58, 12.7% (147/1161) were HPV51/59 and 23.3% (270/1161) were HPV39/68/56/66. Overall agreement with hc2 was 90%; Cohen's kappa was 0.78 (95% CI 0.74-0.82) indicating substantial agreement. Detection of HPV16, HPV18/45, and HPV31/33/35/52/58 were independently associated with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)-2+ (P<0.0001 for each); while HPV51/59 and HPV39/68/56/66 were not. Women infected with HPV16, HPV18/45 or HPV31/33/35/52/58 were found to have significantly higher amounts of HPV DNA detected for those with CIN2+ compared to those without CIN2+, P<0.0001 for each. Xpert and hc2 were similarly sensitive (88.3% and 91.5%, respectively) and specific (48.4% and 51.0%) for CIN2+ and CIN3 (sensitivity: 95.8% and 97.9%; specificity: 41.4% and 42.8%). CONCLUSIONS: Xpert is a promising screening test in HIV-infected women that performs similarly to hc2.

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  • March 3, 2016



  • Early Detection of Cancer
  • HIV Infections
  • Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
  • Papillomaviridae
  • Uterine Cervical Neoplasms


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