Ellen J Scherl   Professor of Clinical Medicine

The core of the IBD research program is our tissue bank devoted entirely to IBD. Since its establishment in January 2002, it serves as the first IBD tissue bank in New York City and has expanded to include nearly 600 endoscopic samples and over 70 surgical specimens. Research from the laboratory of doctors Dannenberg and Subbaramaiah has already led to the identification of potential novel targets, increased understanding of the pathobiology of immune mediated inflammation of gut, aka IBD, and enhanced their related work in the field of molecular mechanisms of inflammation and gastrointestinal cancer. The tissue bank has developed in the context of expanding IBD trials -- both multi-center national trials and investigator-initiated trials -- focused on novel biologic agents, such as visilizumab and infliximab for ulcerative colitis; anti-IL-12, adalimumab, and granulocyte colony stimulating factor for Crohn’s disease; and the evolving role of antibody profiling and genotyping in stratifying therapeutic response. Interdisciplinary-Research Duties: The IBD research program serves as a springboard for interdisciplinary collaborations between departments of medicine, surgery, pediatrics, pathology, and medical ethics, and leads the way for future development of gene array, DNA, genomic studies, and an IBD database. Currently, specimens from the tissue bank are the basis for a joint study with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, evaluating the role of mucosa-associated bacteria in IBD. Further, as a part of the Center’s commitment to research and interdisciplinary collaboration, we have initiated and sustained a monthly IBD research symposium.


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