Nikolaos A. Karakatsanis   Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering in Radiology

  • +1 212 746 3454

Dr. Nikolaos (Nicolas) A. Karakatsanis is performing basic, translational and clinical research to enhance the diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic value of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging for cardiovascular, oncologic and neurologic diseases. His main research focus has been the development and validation of clinically feasible and quantitative PET/CT and PET/MR imaging methodologies, such as:

  • - novel and clinically adoptable whole-body dynamic PET acquisition protocols
  • - multi-parametric, dynamic and dual-tracer PET/MR imaging methods with a focus on translational imaging of cardiovascular diseases molecular activity
  • - whole-body PET tracers kinetic modeling analysis coupled with robust kinetic parameter estimation techniques at the image voxel level
  • - advanced 4D parametric PET/CT and PET/MR image reconstruction for enhanced molecular imaging quantification
  • - axially sparse PET detector geometries, acquisitions and reconstruction algorithms for cost-effective short and long (total-body) axial FOV PET imaging in the clinic,
  • - data-driven respiratory and cardiac motion estimation and correction techniques within and after PET image reconstruction
  • - synergistic PET/MR image reconstruction for partial volume error (PVE) correction
  • - evaluation of Time-of-Flight (TOF), Continuous Bed Motion (CBM) and Resolution Modeling (PSF) technologies clinical benefit in specific PET/CT & PET/MR protocols
  • - NECR-based PET dosage optimization


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  • Nikolaos A. Karakatsanis

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